COMING OCT 6, 2023 on double LP + digital!

Applied Silence's inaugural project Screen Door chronicles two idiosyncratic ghost stories. In one, a woman receives a postcard originally delivered to her now-deceased father 36 years earlier. In the other, a man falls asleep at the movies and wakes to discover he’s been transformed in some manner beyond his reckoning. 

These stories conjure the feeling of being haunted by some unresolved past, of repetition and doubling, of eternal return, of time folding in on itself. 

‍The product of a creative partnership between playwright José Teodoro and composer-musician Stephen Lyons, shifting between modes that alternate between dreamy wonderment, bracing dissonance, and twilit suspense; Screen Door is a post-rock tandem narrative immersing audiences in an intimate, uncanny, darkly humorous journey that speaks to the strangeness of navigating our labyrinthine modern world in which memory, ardour, myth, family, magic and loss coalesce.

Written and directed by José Teodoro. Music by Stephen Lyons with Shanto Acharia (also of Fond of Tigers), Tasha Faye Evans, Steven Hill, Paul Rigby (Neko Case), and Marina Moreira.


recently released: 

Limbs of the Stars - Cloudless (thirteen)

gentle layers of instrumental guitar…


Cloudsplitter - Behind the Wheel (Depeche Mode cover)

originally recorded during the session that resulted in the debut Cloudsplitter album back in 2011, we finally found the combination to the vault where the unreleased tracks are kept..

Solitary Skies


The Vancouver International Film Festival presented the world premiere of Solitary Skies, a short stop-animation by visual artist Amanda Cassidy with music by Stephen Lyons in October 2021, and the film was released online (and in an outdoor screening in East Vancouver) in September, 2022. Find it HERE. 

See more of Amanda's visual art, including prints, cards, installations, and other animations for the likes of Apollo Ghosts and Only a Visitor HERE.









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photo by Craig Sinclair