Affiliates: 1 (Live)


Review in the Vancouver Sun: The second album from Vancouver-based Rob Malowany (Devilsplender) is a far more realized and captivating session than his altogether enjoyable debut Singularity (2015). The live recording captures Malowany and the ever-changing cast of Parkland Affiliates — drummer Stephen Lyons and bassist Shanto Acharia (Fond of Tigers), guitarists Robin Hunter (The Imagineers, Old Reliable) and Paul Rigby (Neko Case, Art Bergmann) for this performance — in fine form on six extended tracks that would make any Calexico or Giant Sand fan break into a full grin. Credit the guitar interplay between Rigby and Hunter’s slinky lap steel with much of the wide-open atmospherics of tunes such as Lost My Heart and Depression Sets In. And the often improvised nature of the songs gives all the members ample chance to take the material in different directions. This is only the first planned recording in a series of digital releases intended to capture the various Affiliate lineups in the “Parklandscape.”

Recorded live at Merge April 23, 2016 Vancouver, BC, Canada

released May 20, 2016

Rob Malowany - vocals, electric guitar Stephen Lyons - drums Robin Hunter - electric and slide guitars, lap steel Shanto Acharia - bass Paul Rigby - acoustic and electric guitars, pedal steel

Produced by Rob Malowany and Stephen Lyons Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Rob Malowany


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